Our Stories

Members of our Squamish Environment Society (SES) and others in our community have made many contributions to  our environment since we were formed in 1982.  We would like to compile some of these stories with photos so we can celebrate them and share with current and new members. There is nothing like a good story to inspire new ideas and actions, especially when there are challenges.

Some ideas for stories have been suggested:

  • stopping the coal port
  • establishing the Brackendale Eagle Preserve
  • formation of EagleWatch
  • Lefty Goldsmith’s story (re-establish Lefty’s Loop and wood duck nesting boxes)
  • Meg Fellowes story – Ernie’s Channel
  • Background stories of some of the trail names in the Estuary (for example North Dike is also called Owl Trail and Leslie’s Headbanger).
  • Britannia Watershed and how they have cleaned up the “leachate” and brought fish back….
  • Building of the Chelem Trail
  • bringing the herring back to Howe Sound
  • building the Eagle Watch shelter and signs at Eagle Run dike

If anyone would like to help or has a story to share, please contact us. Is writing not your strength? Just tell us the story and we will look after the writing part. Also, if anyone has a photograph that is evocative of story-telling, we will be happy to replace the photograph above with a better one.