Brackendale Annual Eagle Count #32 – January 7, 2018

So far this year we have some eagles along the Squamish River. If all goes well for them, there will be food to keep them here through January so we will be able to include them in our annual Brackendale Eagle Count.

In January 2017, our annual count for the Squamish Valley was 698, up from the lowest ever count of 411 in  January 2016. We had hoped for a better result last year, but the snow made counting difficult and the ice in the rivers prevented us from using rafts. This year, we are hoping that our count results will reflect an increase in the numbers of eagles and especially in the numbers of juveniles but we have to acknowledge that the chum return was poor and high water levels in late November washed away a lot of the spawned fish.

The count begins and ends at the Brackendale Art Gallery, with an opportunity to meet other counters by the fire and share the day’s experiences. New counters are welcome. They will be paired with an experienced counter and assigned to an area that fits their willingness to walk or bushwack. Warm waterproof clothing and footwear is mandatory because the count can take several hours, and we all know what the weather can be like on January 7! We also need volunteers to help with organizing and compiling the count.

If you’re interested, have a look at information on the areas counted, last year’s details, and a summary of the counts for previous years. You can also find background on the count and on the creation of the Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park, the preserve across the Squamish River from Eagle Run dike.

To get involved in any way with this year’s count please contact: