Volunteers Invited for the 32nd Annual Winter Eagle Count: January 7

The Bald Eagle count will take place on Sunday, January 7th 2018 and we are still accepting volunteers. Volunteers will gather at 8:00 am at the Brackendale Art Gallery and receive their count packages.

We require 50 to 60 volunteers to cover all the routes which go as far north as the Elaho and as far south as the West Coast Railway Heritage Park. Our terrain is varied and so are the routes. Some routes in the Upper Squamish were accessed by cross country skiing and snowshoe in 2017. Some were surveyed by kayak or by raft. Most routes involve walking on trails that may be snow-covered, icy or muddy and are by no means maintained. Despite this, many volunteers truly enjoy the count and come back year after year. We explore all the nooks and crannies where eagles may be found. Last year two herds of Roosevelt Elk were spotted crossing the Squamish River during the count.

Our goal is to partner new volunteers with experienced ones. We ask that volunteers be self-sufficient, dressed for the conditions and able to commit at least 3 hours or more depending on the route. Those who have a 4×4 vehicle are invited to assist with the counts farther afield.

We do not accept volunteers the day of the count. If you are interested in participating, please email sea2skynature@gmail.com.

Here is a link to information on the areas counted, last year’s details, and a summary of the counts for previous years. You can also find background on the count and on the creation of the Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park, the preserve across the Squamish River from Eagle Run dike.