Eagle Watch Team for 2017-8

Our Eagle Watch Coordinators for this season have been busy getting organized, recruiting volunteers, renewing contacts in the community and doing all those things our esteemed Coordinators do!

We are truly pleased to welcome back Judith Knapp, who is taking on the Education Program as well as recruiting and training our Volunteer Interpreters.  Judith is well known to Eagle Watchers, having been a Volunteer for many years before being Program Coordinator in 2014-5 and then Overall Coordinator in 2015-6.

Caroline Bergin is filling the new role of Community Outreach Coordinator. She is organizing Opening Day and will be working with media and community sponsors and donors through the season. Caroline has also been a Volunteer Interpreter and is already known to many Eagle Watchers.

Our third Coordinator, Rob Leblanc, is new to Eagle Watch. Rob is filling the new role of Operations Coordinator, which will combine overseeing the equipment and materials setup at Eagle Run with scheduling and supporting the Volunteer Interpreters through the season. Rob has lived in Squamish for 15 years, so his smiling face will be familiar to many Eagle Watchers.

Photo by Wolfgang Pauli: Judith, Caroline, and Rob, taking a break from recruiting Volunteers at the Seniors’ Wellness Fair.