Our Donors: 2017 -2018

As we progress through our  2017 – 2018  year we want to thank our donors.

Special thanks to Zoë Evamy for donating her art for prizes and for organizing our 2017 Holiday Raffle. Half of the proceeds of the raffle will be used to support Eagle Watch and half to support other SES programs.

We are also grateful to Tourism Squamish for providing funding to print our revised Eagle Watch brochure, as well as for hosting the 2017 Holiday Raffle, printing training materials and providing meeting facilities for out-of-town groups visiting Eagle Watch.

The District of Squamish has approved a $3000 Community Enhancement Grant for Eagle Watch.

Our other donors of $500 or more are:

Our donors of $100 or more are:

  • Global Canuck, Calgary (Eagle Watch, inspired by Caleb Van Mulligen)

Other donors of cash:

  • Caleb Van Mulligen (gifts from his fifth birthday, to support Eagle Watch)
  • Visitors at Eagle Run dike: $579.73
  • Windermere Secondary (Eagle Watch)

Donations in kind:

Eagle Watch and other SES programs would not be possible without the generous contributions of our donors: how to donate.