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General Information

Our nature outings generally take place the last Sunday of the month. Activities range from gentle walks to more strenuous hikes and explorations. All of our outings are led by volunteers and are offered free of charge.

In some cases, participants are required to register in advance, and this is clearly stated in the notice about the outing. Here’s a link to the waiver that each participant needs to sign, so that you can read it in your own time.

Interested in leading an outing? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Photo by Judith Holm. Labrador Tea, Rhododendron groenlandicum

Upcoming Outings

Biodiversity Squamish Project – documenting species in the Watersprite Bog
Sunday, July 30th
When:  7:00 am  Meet at parking lot at the Mamquam Forest Service Road x Hwy #99
What:  This will be an all-day adventure that involves ~ 1 hour drive on the rough Mamquam FSR and Skookum Dam Road up to the start of the hike followed by a >10 km round trip hike. Exploring for species in the bog will involve very wet and muddy off trail exploration that requires real care to minimize the disturbance we make in this sensitive habitat.  This may be the the first ever attempt to document species here.
Preregistration is required.  Please contact Judith Holm at 778-266-8596. Judith can e-mail a Google Earth link to the area.

Nature Outing – Toad Walk at Alice Lake Provincial Park
Sunday, August 6th, 9:00 am. Meet at the Stump Lake Parking Lot.
What:  Join us for a 6km round-trip hike to Edith Lake and back at Alice Lake Provincial Park. This is part of a citizen science initiative led by a Quest University student to monitor Western toads as they metamorphose in the lake and then begin their exodus into the forest.

Western toad migrations are often a mass exodus of dime-sized toadlets hopping across trails. Life is challenging as they avoid predation and being squished by unsuspecting hikers and mountain bikes. Western toads are listed federally as a “Species of Special Concern” as they are sensitive to habitat loss, pollution, invasive species and climate change. The chytrid fungus can be especially devastating if introduced into an aquatic ecosystem.

To participate in monitoring, we recommend downloading the iNaturalst App ( and adding the Toadally project. Observations can also be made by taking pictures and submitting to

This activity is family-friendly, but keep in mind the hike is 6 km and we will be moving at a moderate pace to get to Edith Lake. Pets must be on a leash at all times within Alice Lake Provincial Park and are not recommended where the toads are spawning or migrating.

Biodiversity Squamish Project– Habrich Ridge Trail
Sunday, September 24th
When: 9:30 am at base of Gondola
What: Habrich Ridge is classified as a backcountry trail. It is rougher and has more elevation range than the front country trails.  We’ll see what we can discover together within ~ 2 hour time frame.   Gondola pass holders can enable a reduced rate for participants needing to buy a ticket.

Biodiversity Squamish Project – The Estuary
Sunday, October 29th
When: 9:00 am at the end of Bailey Road
What: Swan South Trail through to the South Dyke Trail, ~ 2 hours

Biodiversity Squamish Project – base of High Falls Trail
Sunday, November 26th
When: 9:00 am at the Adventure Centre Parking Lot
What:  Carpool up the Upper Squamish Road to celebrate the diversity of mosses and rain forest habitat. Easy walking on fairly level terrain. ~ 2.5 hours

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