Purple Martin Sighting – May 13, 2018

Please note a recent post asking for us to watch for the arrival of Purple Martins.

Vanessa reported on May 13:
“I paddled out to the nest boxes today. One male and two females as well as some Tree Swallows. I observed a Purple Martin chase off some swallows so not sure if they will stay or be booted out as more Purple Martins arrive. Here is the video:

Vanessa reported on May 5:
“Pair of Purple Martins spotted by me today in Estuary, at the end of the South Dyke trail (sewer outfall).¬†Also noticed gulls sitting on nesting boxes in Central Channel.¬†Will need to install predator deterrents this year. ”

Header photo also courtesy of Vanessa Isnardy: Male and sub-adult male Purple Martin at nest box in Squamish Estuary Central Channel. July 2017.