Environmental Activism

The roots of SES (SECS) are deep in environmental activism.  In 2008 a proposal to bridge the Cattermole channel resulted in this protest. The objective of our protest was to get local media attention, raise public awareness, and  demonstrate the continuing concern of SES (SECS) for the Estuary.  This was successful,  and we got to combine business with pleasure.  

What happened? Well,  the bridge hasn’t been built.  The 7th Avenue connector is still on the books, but it’s unlikely to be built unless it’s connected with the flood hazard management plan objectives.  Huge funding would be required. Getting agreement from CN Rail and other players would be a large stumbling block.

Meg Fellowes
March 2018


Photo above: Erik Anderson, Mary Mitchell, John Buchanan, Astrid Anderson and Meg Fellowes. At right: Meg Fellowes and Ana Santos. (Both photos courtesy of Meg Fellowes.)