Identification of “Sensitive Bird and Fish Habitat” on Mamquam trail system: Work Party, 2011

Small places can be important to wildlife.  A tiny isthmus in the Mamquam River trail system was being used by walkers, cyclists and dogs.  SES was asked if we could help people understand that bikes, walkers, and dogs disturb  nesting birds and ground feeders.

With the cooperation of the District of Squamish, Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Squamish Trails Society, we removed a small bridge (later reused by the District) and installed “Sensitive Bird and Fish Habitat” signs.  In 2018, the signs are still being respected.  It’s heartwarming that, given information and convenient adjacent trails, people do make space for little creatures.

The work party consisted of Jeff Anderson, Wally Fletcher, Hilary Dymond, Doug Morrison, Mary Livingston, Larry Murray, George Wilson, and Meg Fellowes.  They were assisted by Todd Pope (District of Squamish) and had advice from Carl Halvorson.

Meg Fellowes
March 2018

Photo courtesy of Meg Fellowes: Todd Pope, Hilary Dymond, Doug Morrison, and Jeff Anderson.