Connect with Nature – 5 things to do on the long weekend

For those of us who aren’t going away, the long weekend is the perfect time to explore Squamish’s natural treasures. Here are five activities for kids and adults of all ages that will give you a fresh perspective on our natural spaces.

27168004374_998b1e395b_zGhost Plant Hike
Discover the fascinating and complex world of mycoheterotrophic plants. Right here in Squamish!
Time: 15 minutes to 2 hours
Ages: 5 and up
Materials needed (optional): trail map. SES handout on mycoheterotrophic plants.
Downloads: Activity InstructionsCheekye Fan trails north | Cheekye Fan trails south | Ghost Plants of the Cheekye Fan

Create a Sound Map
Was that a bird I heard? A sound map is a wonderful way to focus on the sounds in the forest or other natural area. This activity uses basic techniques to heighten awareness of what’s around us. 
Time: 10 to 20 minutes
Ages: 5 and up
Materials needed: index cards, pencils or crayons
Downloads: Activity Instructions

Save Animal Tracks as Plaster Casts
What kind of wild animals live near your house? With a little detective work, this project will help you discover where some of them live. Also, you will learn how to make plaster casts of their footprints so you can start a collection of their tracks.
Time: 1-2 hours
Ages: 5 and up
Materials needed:
1 kg box of Plaster of Paris (available at hardware stores)
1-2 cup plastic bowl or container
1 litre bottle of cold water
An old spoon
2-liter pop bottle cut into 2 inch sections
A few sheets of newspaper to wrap the track cast
A bag or knapsack to put all of this stuff in
Old shoes and clothes that you can get muddy!
Downloads: Activity Instructions | Animal Track guide | More about animal tracks

Scavenger Hunt or Themed Hike
Download one of our scavenger hunt lists and see how many items you can find! OR Take a themed hike based on sound, color, texture or another theme of your choice. How many different sounds can you hear? How many different colours or textures can you find? Take a hand lens and/or binoculars to see things up close and afar. 
Time: As long as you want
Ages: All ages
Materials needed: Scavenger hunt list or blank paper, pencil
Downloads: Activity Instructions | Scavenger hunt list (Pacific NW) | Scavenger hunt list (general)

Visit us at our Canada Day Booth!
Drop by our booth between 11:00 and 4:30 at the Canada Day celebrations, in downtown Squamish. Help build a birdhouse. Talk nature. Learn about our programs and ways to get involved.