Updated: EagleWatch Daily Eagle Count: 2018 – 2019 season

Our EagleWatch season for 2018 – 2019 is now over. The number of eagles has thinned out as the non-resident eagles gradually leave in search of food elsewhere. In six weeks or so they will head back to their spring nesting sites, and we will hope to see them back next fall.

During EagleWatch season, volunteers on duty at Eagle Run dike count and record the number of eagles present. They conduct the count once every hour between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm on days when EagleWatch is present at the dike. From these counts, we select and record the peak hourly count: the highest total number of eagles for any hour in the day.

Visitors have suggested that it would be helpful to have these counts published. We will update this post every day during the current EagleWatch season, showing the most recent count first.

Date AdultsJuvenilesTotal Notes
Jan 137815
Jan 126410
Jan 6201838Kettle: 40 eagles.
Eagle count day: 1157 eagles
Jan 518119
Jan 115823
Dec 3114216
Dec 3014317
Dec 2911314Visibility poor until pm.
Kettle of 35 eagles late pm.
Dec 2814519
Accumulated snow:
counting difficult.
Dec 2716723
Dec 2613114
Dec 2512416
Dec 24211233
Dec 23351348
Dec 2219524Visibility poor.
Dec 16371047
Dec 15432669
Dec 09351550
Dec 0819534
Dec 02362056
Dec 0130636
Nov 25441256
Nov 24521567
Nov 18321044
Nov 1712214
Nov 1110212
Nov 10251035