Our Donors: 2019 – 2020

As we proceed through our 2019 – 2020 year, we acknowledge the generosity of our donors to date.

Special thanks to:

  • International Financial Consulting Limited for a donation of $5,000 on behalf of Juvarya Veltkamp, at her request, in lieu of payment for her consulting work (Project to update a report on Conservation Priorities for the Squamish Estuary).
  • The District of Squamish for a Community Enhancement Grant of $3,000 (EagleWatch).
  • The Province of British Columbia for a Community Gaming Grant of $3,000 (EagleWatch).

Our other donors of $500 or more:

  • Our visitors at Eagle Run dike: $814.04 (Eaglewatch)
  • Anonymous (Purple Martin Monitoring Program)

Donors of $100 or more:

Donations “in kind”:

SES programs would not be possible without the generous contributions of our donors: how to donate.