Have you seen a lynx or bobcat?

If you have seen and photographed a lynx or bobcat anywhere in BC, TJ Gooliaff, a Biology masters’ student at the University of BC Okanagan, needs your help. TJ is studying the range of bobcats and lynx to understand migration patterns and also their response to climate change.

biology-masters-student-t-j-gooliaff-is-studying-the-rangeBobcats have short legs and are not able to thrive in areas with deep snow. As snow depths decrease, they may be expanding their range northward. The range of the lynx, better adapted to snow, may be decreasing because of expansion of the bobcats’ range.

There is little existing research on this topic, so TJ is reaching out to the public for help with his study. He is asking people across the province to send photos of bobcats and lynx from any date to try and determine the current provincial distribution of each species.

If you have a photo of a bobcat or lynx taken anywhere in the province, please send it to TJ at: tj.gooliaff@ubc.ca along with the date and location for each.

CBC article about this project | Full CBC radio interview with TJ Gooliaf