It’s Official: Átl’ka7tsem / Howe Sound is now a Biosphere Reserve

On September 15, UNESCO, at its 33rd session of the International Coordinating Council of the Man and the Biosphere Programme, designated 20 new biosphere reserves worldwide. One of those reserves is our own Átl’ka7tsem / Howe Sound.

Here’s the news release from the Howe Sound Biosphere Region Initiative Society.

Judith Holm, one of our SES Directors,  contributed to the application for designation through leading a group effort involving almost 1700 people who observed species in the Howe Sound Watershed.  The species list Judith compiled from the observations recorded in the Biodiversity Squamish iNaturalist project was an important part of the application and will be maintained as a scientific record of biodiversity in our area. As of September 15, the project includes 32,919 observations representing 3073 species.

Well done, everyone!