Photo Tips for Contributions to Biodiversity Squamish

Contributors to the Biodiversity Squamish project use a variety of gear to photograph and record their observations. Fancy gear isn’t needed to produce photos that enable others to help identify our findings.

Some local individuals and groups with whom the Biodiversity Squamish project is involved have compiled a wonderful reference to help us enjoy participating. The iNaturalist Photo Guide with tips, tricks, and suggestions for different life forms to help get your sightings identified is now available, thanks to a collaboration between the BC Parks iNaturalist Project, BC Conservation Data Centre, Royal BC Museum, Scott Gilmore, and Andrew Simon.

Here’s an extra idea for photographing plants (or slow-moving life) in low-light conditions. Carry a small folded piece of aluminum foil (a 20 cm square should do it) and prop it with a stick to reflect extra light on a small subject in the shadows. Even on a cloudy day, this inexpensive portable reflector can help you get a sharp photo.

Photo by Judith Holm: Carl fotographing fungi in the Estuary, October 2017.