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Biodiversity Squamish:  

You are most welcome to participate in this community-based citizen science project to document species of non-domesticated flora, fauna and other forms of  life. The project is based in Squamish and our project boundary is the Howe Sound Watershed. We record our observations by using the free iNaturalist application on phones or computers.  We’re gathering baseline data, confirming historical records, and communicating with people working on complementary projects both within our boundary as well as throughout the Salish Sea bioregion.

To learn more about this project and how to get started, scroll down the home page of Biodiversity Squamish and click on ‘About’ this project.  Be sure to click on ‘more’ to see the full description and useful links to the iNaturalist website. iNaturalist will help you with identification, as will other iNaturalist members. You can join the Biodiversity Squamish Facebook group to share and discuss what you and others are finding.

  • New in 2020:  a focus on documenting wildlife within the District of Squamish, to provide current data about wildlife movement.
  • New in 2019 and ongoing: working with BC Parks to document life within the parks and protected areas within our boundary.
Analysis of Data from Squamish Estuary Bird Counts, 1991 to present:
  • Quest University Professor Kimberly Dawe, PhD, is using SES bird count data to assess changes in bird species composition, abundance, and/or distribution over time.
  • Project information:
Squamish Western Purple Martin Nest Box Program:
  • Project Coordinator: Vanessa Isnardy
  • Jointly Sponsored by: SES,  Squamish River Watershed Society (SRWS) and the Community of Squamish.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Help with building and installing nest boxes and with reporting Purple Martin sightings.
  • Project information:
Western Toad Monitoring Project: 
  • Project Coordinator: Rachel Shephard
  • This is a joint project in collaboration with BC Parks. Additional expertise is provided by PhD candidate Roseanna Gamlen-Greene.
  • Volunteer Opportunities:  Help with toad surveys at Fawn and Edith Lakes. Report incidental toad sightings, while walking the Four Lakes Trail.
  • Project information: