Discovery Walks

Over the years we have held nature walks and organized programs of walks, with different themes and interests and for various ages and groups. Our most recent such program was called Discovery Walks: it encouraged participants to explore for and appreciate intriguing mysteries and exquisite details, shining their focus on small wonders we tend to pass by.  Discovery Walks were suspended early in 2020 because of restrictions related to COVID-19. We have not restarted the program because we do not have a volunteer leader.

If you are interested in leading or helping lead nature walks in the Squamish area, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator to see what we can work out.  Help us conserve biodiversity through education and enjoyment of what nature has to offer.

Informal Walks

Does your busy life make it impractical to attend scheduled walks? Check out Biodiversity Squamish! Participate in your own time and with others as we document the flora and fauna of our local area, research historical data from this area and collaborate with other groups. Contact Judith Holm for more information and to find the company of others on walks.

What to Bring for a Walk

  • Dress for the weather (e.g. warm layers, rain protection, sun protection)
  • Small pack
  • Camera/phone
  • Water or thermos, snack

Discovery Walk Archive

All years | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020

Photo above by Judith Holm: Vine maple, Acer circinatum , along the Woodpecker trail, April 2019.