Analysis of Data from Squamish Estuary Bird Counts, 1991 to present

  • Quest University Professor Kimberly Dawe, PhD, is using SES bird count data to assess changes in bird species composition, abundance, and/or distribution over time.

The Squamish Environment Society (SES) Bird Watch Program has been gathering data every month since 1991. The massive amount of data has never been analyzed until now. Quest University Professor, Kimberly Dawe, has signed a Letter of Agreement with SES to begin the analysis of this data.

The intent is to begin a long-term project that will lead to an understanding of the impact of birds and climate on our Squamish Estuary. Professor Dawe will work with her Quest students in a review of the data. So many questions will be generated as this project progresses.

Thanks to Chris Dale and Marcia Danielson and all the many dedicated birders who continue to generate this important data every month, regardless of the weather.

Photo by Ed Dubois: a Bufflehead float in the Squamish Estuary, 2016.