Bird Strike Monitoring

The bird in the foreground died as a result of striking the glass panel in the railing. Photo by Tiffany Brunke.

Over the fall of 2022, we conducted a monitoring survey of bird collisions with windows and other large glass surfaces. We wanted to identify the types of buildings and areas that pose the greatest threat to birds and provide information on the timing of collisions. We also wanted to identify which species are most affected. While conducting these surveys and reaching out to property owners and other members of the community,  we also set out to save injured birds, to educate the community on how to protect and rescue birds, and to contribute to ongoing avian conservation research.

The results of our survey indicated that glass railings pose a significant threat, especially for migrating birds. The birds are  not able to see these railings and collide with the glass surfaces as they attempt to fly through. Despite this harsh reality, there is some good news. We CAN take steps to prevent collisions.

Depending on our resources, we would like to continue monitoring surveys during spring and fall migrations. If you’d like to help, please contact us.

Glass panels in railings are a threat for birds. We can reduce the threat by applying very small decals close together. Photo by Tiffany Brunke