Bird Strike Prevention

The most effective way to prevent bird strikes on glass surfaces is to treat the surface with materials that enable birds to see the surface as an obstruction. After we surveyed and found a problem area along the Mamquam Blind Channel, we obtained the permission of the property owners to address the problem in time for spring 2023 migration.  As soon as it was warm enough (at least 10°C), we had a series of work parties to apply Feather Friendly dot decals to glass railing panels.  These black dots help make the panels more visible to birds approaching from both sides. The dots are spaced about 5 cm apart, the maximum distance that most birds wouldn’t attempt to fly through. We hope to inspire owners of commercial and other large properties to take action to make their buildings more bird-friendly using this kind of product.

Kyle is demonstrating how to apply Feather Friendly dots to the outside of a window. The dots have a backing tape to be peeled off after the dots have been aligned and burnished in place.

Most of the cost of the decals was funded by a Community Enhancement Grant provided by the  District of Squamish and the Squamish Community FoundationGot Cans and Zoë Evamy also donated to this project.

Through a donation from a Squamish Environment Society member, we have $1000 for a bird-friendly project by Squamish students. Students at École Les Aiglons are working on their ideas to make life better for our birds.

Feather Friendly dots are also available for windows in a version that looks from the inside like frosted glass. They are easy to install and relatively inexpensive. You can help by surveying your own house and treating the most dangerous windows. If you’d like help assessing risk and considering options, contact us. Spread the word by talking with your neighbours about the problem. Almost everyone has witnessed a bird strike or seen an injured bird and is interested in learning how to help.