Take a walk on the woodpecker trail

April is the perfect month to walk the Woodpecker trail in Squamish estuary. The trees are just starting to leaf out, allowing dappled light to reach the forest floor. Explore on your own, or join us for a guided walk on April 24th. Whichever way you go, take time to enjoy the spring flowers and listen for bird song! Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll see. Can you recognize the birds singing in Chris’ video?

0:00 Pacific wren
0:37 Yellow-rumped warbler (Audobon’s) (sweeter sweeter sweeter)
1:23 American robin (yeep alarm and cluck calls)
1:35 Ruby-crowned kinglet  (chubby chubby cheek)
1:47 (Douglas squirrel)
1:54 Varied thrush (high whistle note)
2:12 Canada goose
2:38 Towhee (rattle, faintly in the background)
3:35 Belted kingfisher (loud rattle)

Some of the songs and calls repeat.