Trip Report – Old South Dyke Trail out to the Central Channel

Sunday,  June 26, 2016
Walk Leaders: Judith Holm and Barb Hinde (unable to come)
6 participants

This was a lively, fun group, game to fully participate.  With keen birders along, it was 50-50 for the plants and birds! We learned from each other: there was twice as much of interest to discover.

The plant theme was habitats, with a particular focus on the habitat and plant community where Henderson’s Checker-mallow (Sidalcea hendersonii) thrives in this estuary:

  • open to full sunshine
  • but sheltered by nearby shrubs and trees
  • some tidal influence
  • higher than the wet habitat of Lyngbye’s Sedge and Cattails
  • lower than the dryer habitat along the old dykes
  • Seacoast Angelica (Angelica lucida) can almost always be found close to Henderson’s Checker-mallow.

Thank you to Jim Meyer for the photographs.
Prepared by Judith Holm

Map and Walk Description