Volunteer Opportunity – Review a BC Timber Sales Proposal

From time to time, BC Timber Sales (BCTS) sends Squamish Environment Society (SES) a request to review proposals for changes related to management of our forests. Changes can relate to areas protected as old growth forest or blocks of forest to be made available for harvest.

These review requests have a time limit and we don’t have any dedicated resources for tasks like this, so we encourage anyone interested in conducting or helping conduct such reviews to temporarily act as a volunteer Technical Advisor to our Board of Directors.

Currently, under its (Operating Plan) OP #23, BCTS is proposing to develop 7 blocks (168.4 ha in total) and 24 road sections located in the areas of Phelix Creek, Conroy Creek and Mamquam River. They have shared with us a block and road summary table with detailed information for each block under OP #23. The blocks are expected to be advertised as Timber Sales in late 2018 or 2019.

Block MA108 was previously shared under Operating Plans #14 and #21, but is being shared again because it has been modified to remove two portions that were removed to create Blocks MA114 and MA116, which were sold in 2017. MA108 is within the proposed Squamish Community Forest.

Please note that there are three blocks shown on the Cheakamus River Operating Plan Map that are part of this current proposal. These blocks were previously shared under OP #21 and have already received feedback from stakeholders. The three blocks shared under OP #21 in 2016 are Blocks CN204, CN107 and GB101. These blocks are expected to be advertised as Timber Sale A95638 in the second half of 2018.

BCTS now wishes to determine whether there are any concerns and/or possible impacts to our interests within the proposed harvest areas.

Documents and maps are available. (At this site, there are some broken links, so look for files with names beginning with DSQ and OP#23.) If you have comments which could help the SES Board provide a response to BCTS, plus send them to info@squamishenvironment.ca by July 30, 2018.

We update the Volunteer web page with any current review requests.

This post has been updated from one created on a similar topic in June 2017.