Winners – 2017 Holiday Raffle Of Zoë Evamy art prizes

The draw for the Squamish Environment Society’s 2017 holiday raffle (BC GAMING EVENT LICENSE 101242) took place on December 18 at the Squamish Adventure Centre. 161 of the 200 tickets available were sold, and that means that (once the expenses are settled) SES programs could benefit by close to $1500.

And the winners are:

First prize (painting):  ticket 88 Jesse Genereux
Second prize (print number 1): ticket 92 Christian Ahrenkiel
Second prize (print number 2):  ticket 03 Sheri Lee
Third prize (pack of art cards): ticket 110 Siobhian Barron
Third prize (pack of art cards): ticket 98 Maya Andersen
Third prize (pack of art cards): ticket 173 Bonny Randall
Third prize (pack of art cards): ticket 23 Scott
Third prize (pack of art cards): ticket 87 Susan Zhou


Thanks to:

  • Zoë for her generous donation of Along the Mamquam and all the work she did organizing the raffle and selling tickets
  • all those who helped by selling tickets (Inbiz, Squamish Adventure Centre, Larry Murray, Carl Halvorson, Vanessa Isnardy, Vanessa Lambertus, and Christian Ahrenkiel)
  • all those who supported SES by buying tickets, and
  • Tourism Squamish and the staff of the Squamish Adventure Centre for displaying the prizes, hosting the draw, and making prizes available to the winners.
Photos by Ed Dubois: (top above) Zoë and Carl doing the serious work of drawing winners and (right above) celebrating a successful raffle.