Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day – May 9

In Squamish, we are fortunate to have many species of birds resident year-round, and they help connect us with the rest of the natural world. The Squamish River Area is recognized as an Important Bird Area (IBA) for many species  who need to rest and feed during their seasonal journeys between their wintering grounds (as far south as Chile) and their summer breeding grounds (as far north as the high arctic).

Spring migration is now well underway. May 9 is World Migratory Bird Day and we invite you to celebrate the migration with us. Here are some activities you could choose, either by yourself or with your family:

Photos above: (Top) A small flock consisting of eight White-crowned Sparrows,  eight Golden-crowned Sparrows, and more than twenty Dark-eyed Juncos spent three rainy days fattening up at a local feeder before they continued on during a dry spell. (Right) A Golden-crowned Sparrow.