Project Phases – Wildlife Connectivity

Our project has been designed to incorporate fine-tuning our plan as we proceed through each phase. Activities underway or anticipated for each phase are listed below.

Project Scoping (2022-2023): Underway

  • Identify priority goals and objectives.
  • Review other community-led initiatives in and near BC.
  • Establish a governance structure and engagement framework to help guide project implementation.
  • Build capacity to analyze and evaluate patterns of habitat connectivity in the region using a blend of landscape and focal-species models.
  • Identify land use planning and policy options for the protection of biodiversity at local and regional scales.

Biodiversity Conservation Strategy and Connectivity Mapping  (2023-2024):

  • Engage in deliberative dialogue and participatory planning workshops to inform the assessment of habitat connectivity and to identify opportunities for conservation.
  • Identify habitat core areas and prioritize connectivity networks for focal species.
  • Use assessment results to inform development of a Biodiversity Conservation Strategy.

Policy Development (2024-2025):

  • Work with Local and Regional Governments, First Nations, and other organizations with a mandate and agency to take actions that enhance biodiversity conservation in our region.

 Ongoing Evaluation (2025-Onwards):

  • Conduct ongoing evaluation to ensure adaptation as new information becomes available.

Photo by Brian Aikens: a Black Bear (Ursus americanus) sow and her two cubs, foraging in early spring, Squamish Valley.