Help Us Ban the Use of Rodenticides

BC Nature has asked us to join other federated clubs in supporting the Citizens Speak Petition to ban the use of rodenticides (commonly know as rat poisons) in BC.

As rodents become ill after ingesting rat poison, they become slower in their movements and are easy prey for owls, other winged predators, and wild carnivores such as coyotes, foxes, and bobcats. Even family pets can take such prey. The predators who eat these rodents become ill themselves and can die. The Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (OWL) in Delta sees many such cases of poisoning in owls and other birds of prey each year. Sadly, many of them die despite the administration of vitamin K, a nutrient that assists with blood clotting.

Please consider joining us in signing the petition.

If you want to learn more about this issue, here are some links:

Photo: courtesy of Chris Dale. Chris found this Barred Owl one February some years ago, along our Nature Loop trail. The Barred Owl is the most common owl species in our area and like other species of owls depends on rodents for food.