Trip Report – Woodpecker Trail, Sunday November 26, 2017

What a wonderful, lively and fun group with lots of curiosity participated in Plan B, the Woodpecker Trail. Plan A had been the base of High Falls Trail in the Upper Squamish but the road had been flooded and temporarily closed.

On her very first time participating in one of our Nature Outings Jackie Ashby has added a new species to the Biodiversity Squamish project with her clear photos of the top and underside of a lichen species! Way to go, JackieI

I have created an iNaturalist account called squamishobserver so that community observations received by email or social media can, with the permission of the photographer, be added on their behalf to the Biodiversity Squamish project. Both this and a second lichen species photographed by Jackie can be viewed at

Participants: Kristina Shu, Sarka Lhotak, Miranda Hall, Caroline Slade, Jackie Ashby, Carl Halvorson, Judith Holm

Submitted by Judith Holm

Photo above by Carl Halvorson: Judith leading the lively group.