Beavers: a Young Child’s First Impressions

2016-08-01 beaver lodge drawing

Ruby Franz, 4 years old, August 1, 2016

Near Squamish, listening and looking only for a tiny creek on the right side of the trail
On the bridge – here’s the creek
First time looking left – “WOW!
The pond is so Big, it’s Beautiful – Beavers made this?!”
Reading together, The Beaver Family, out on the little wharf by the beaver dam
Photos and stories of beaver life, whilst our beavers slept
So many bird songs around the pond
Creeping closer to our beavers’ lodge, in awe and wonder
Sitting quietly, each making our own drawing of the lodge
From a nearby back entrance, hearing a beaver softly rippling the water way down below
Branch ends chewed off by iron-orange strong incisors…….
Returning to the bridge at dusk with her parents
Excited phone call to Nana, “We saw a BEAVER!!!
2 beavers.  One smacked his tail. It was really loud!”
Two barred owls across their pond.

Surely we can and must find ways to live in harmony with the beavers of Squamish?