Trip Report: the Upper Squamish Valley, November 24, 2019

Salmon are now beginning to reach the Upper Squamish and along with them bald eagles are arriving.  The eagles’ cries can be heard from atop tall trees dripping with wet mosses and lichens. Along with the cries we heard occasional sounds of huge flapping wings.

The two young girls with their keen eyes spotted 36 eagles! One of our group retrieved a beautiful little salmon spine from the stream: it had already been picked clean.  Some fresh salmon innards looked to have been newly dropped on the shore of the Ashlu spawning channels.

The Ashlu and Squamish Rivers are running clear and cold and the mountain tops are freshly white. Eight participants witnessed this wild beauty.

Judith Holm

Photo above courtesy of Judith Holm: examining a tiny salmon skeleton we found in the stream.