About the Walk Leaders

Judith Holm’s degrees were in geography and education. However, since 2005 she has increasingly focused on field botany, primarily combining long time mountaineering experience with documenting less accessible alpine/subalpine plants.  Now in Squamish, she is gradually documenting the estuary’s vascular plants and appreciating their complexities, as a citizen scientist.  There is so much of real interest to learn! She can be reached at holm@telus.net.

Barb Hinde is a herbalist and a retired certified organic farmer. Barb is also interested in what nature provides naturally for both medicinal and edible purposes and how these plants grow in their natural environment. She can be reached at barbhinde@gmail.com.

Vanessa Isnardy is an avid photographer, birder and naturalist with degrees in Applied Ecology and Ecological Restoration. She enjoys sharing her knowledge almost as much as learning from others who share her passions. She is project lead on the Purple Martin Project in the Squamish Estuary.  You can follow her on Instagram at sea2skynatureBC.

Rachel Shephard is a self-described life-learner, who has lived in Squamish and been a Squamish Environment Society member, since the early ’90s. She loves exploring and learning about natural world and she hopes to inspire curiosity in others. For, ‘In the end, we will protect only what we love. We will love only what we understand.’ (Baba Dioum)