SES Field Trip for University Students: Monday, August 21, 2017

SES was fortunate to host a very inspiring group of university students for a field trip in the Estuary!

The students are participating in a ten-day seminar organized by The Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity which offers programs for university students interested in utilizing their education for community development and aligning their studies with the principle of service to others. They come from various places in Canada and the U.S. and from various fields of study. They are discussing and learning about different subjects including media and communication, international and community development, education, globalization, and ecological justice.

As examples of Squamish organizations putting these principles into action, and to give the students a break from sitting all day, SES, Squamish CAN and Squamish ReBuild each led a field trip. SES was chosen because of our work in environmental sustainability and our emphasis on valuing the natural world.

Our route: end of Bailey Road out to the Central Channel west of the South Dike Trail

Our themes:

  • tuning in to the Estuary in silence
  • SES mission statement – initially and today
  • monthly bird counts and Eagle Watch as two examples of SES’ work
  • our evolving structure toward building capacity and active engagement with projects that individuals/groups are passionate about, take on, take responsibility for and invite participation
  • current effective modes of communication – learning from the students
  • challenges for the multi-party Squamish Estuary Management Committee to reach consensus when their agendas for the Wildlife Management Area differ/conflict
  • lunch, reading Estuary 101 handout, and the fruitful discussions, questions, learning from each other that naturally ensued
  • providing a close, tactile encounter with the estuary’s terrain and vegetation by walking the single- track trail out to a spectacular view at the Central Channel

It was fun and a real pleasure to engage with these thoughtful, capable students.

Thank you, Rachel, Carl, Judith and Patrick for your key contributions, enabling this to be a team effort!


Photo by Carl Halvorson: Questing students in the Squamish Estuary.