Trip Report – Snowshoeing above the Sea to Sky Gondola, February 26

The weather was sunny and warm (a “bluebird day”) except for the effect of the outflow wind. Fortunately, Gondola staff decided that it was safe to run, so a small group of members headed up for an easy snowshoe walk.

From Vanessa: “The Wonderland Loop was sheltered from the northern outflows and the snowshoeing was easy and pleasant. We brushed up on our tree id with Judith and tried to decipher the numerous critter tracks that dotted the landscape. After leaving some of our own curlicue tracks, we headed over to the Panorama trail and were nearly blown over by a gust from the north. However, the views were spectacular as always and worth revisiting.”

From Judith: “We found conifer seeds and cones very visible on the snow.  Here are some of my pictures of cones and their bracts and seeds: almost all the pictures were taken above the Gondola. Although most cones mature in the fall, the seeds often are released over a period of months.

Photos by Vanessa Isnardy (scenics) and Judith Holm (cones)