Trip Report – Stawamus Dike Trail, April 30, 2017

Even though this was booked as an accessible walk, the walk included seven very ambulatory participants. Before the walk started, there was a discussion about the difficulty of finding accessible trails, how they should be marked to distinguish them and the kind of surface that would be most suitable. The group concluded that there is much work to be done to make nature accessible to all.

Even though not much distance was covered, there was lots of plant life and nature to be seen. Because of the late spring, the plants are very much in the early stages of growth but easily recognizable.

Plant life included the ever-prolific Knotweed, Ground Ivy, Western Dock, Trailing Blackberry, Goat’s Beard and Stinky Current, to name just a few. Medicinal and edible properties were discussed – some plants were sampled – some tasted good, some not so much.

We all stopped to marvel at the beaver dam, Carl saw fry in the creek, Rhonda pointed out the Great Blue Heron, many photos were taken, some very close up.

It was a fun afternoon.

It is amazing the short distance that can be travelled in 2 hours. And we did get the sun as planned!

Barb Hinde

Photo above: Sandra, Meg, Rhonda, Barb, Judith and Steve, courtesy of Carl Halvorson