Western Purple Martins in the Squamish Estuary – Summer 2019

Since 2016 a project has been underway to promote the population of Western Purple Martins in the Squamish Estuary. (Details.)

This year there has been some interesting action. In mid-May, John Buchanan installed new nest boxes and relocated old ones to a new 15-unit Purple Martin condo in the Central Channel of the Estuary. The boxes are far enough out that a scope is needed to observe the birds there.  The boxes have attracted several mating pairs and at least 13 individuals were seen on June 9. In mid-July, 10 individuals were seen, and numbers decreased after that.

Thanks to John for installing the boxes and to Chris Dale for submitting observations.

Chris Dale’s May 2019 video below shows some Purple Martins checking out Tree Swallow nest boxes that are closer in.

Photo above by Vanessa Isnardy: subadult and adult male Purple Martins at a nest box in the Squamish Estuary, June 2018.