A Walk in the Lupines

June is here and the lupines are blooming – finally. These distinctive wildflowers have been planted on many of our slopes and dikes and help stabilize the soil. They add welcome colour to our landscapes and also provide food and shelter for many species of animals. Do yourself a favour soon and take some time to step into the lupines. You might be surprized at how many different kinds of life you see on them and on the other flowering plants nearby.

This time last year I went to one of our dikes and started out looking for bees. I saw some bees along with several other kinds of insects and a snail. The biggest surprize was seeing a Savannah Sparrow perched on a bent lupine stalk. This species nests on the ground and I had not expected to see it in an area so busy with people and dogs. My lens, best suited for photographing tiny things, was hardly first choice for the bird but it was a special moment that deserved to be captured.

Maybe I’ll see you out there when the sun comes out again .