Baby birds – do they need your help?

BCSPCA food infographic v3There are lots of baby birds around now and we are once again hearing questions from concerned people who are not sure whether they should intervene when they see a baby bird on the ground.

Many species of birds such as robins, jays, crows and owls leave the nest and spend as many as 2 to 5 days on the ground before they can fly. This is a normal and vital part of the young birds’ development. While they are on the ground, the birds are cared for and protected by their parents and are taught vital life skills (finding food, identifying predators, and flying).

Taking these birds into captivity denies them the opportunity to learn skills they will need to survive in the wild. Unless a bird is injured, it is essential to leave it outside to learn from its parents.

Here are some links with more information: Cornell Ornithology | Portland Audubon Society | BC SPCA | and a fun science cartoon.