Trip Report: Woodpecker Trail, March 24, 2019

This was my personal favourite Discovery Walk of the year to date.  It was wonderful to at last be out in the field with Ed and Gwen! Carl had put a lot of effort into making the Woodpecker Trail accessible for Ed’s vehicle and it was great to see everything go so well. Photographer Ed was shooting video and Carl was lopping English holly plants so that they cannot flower this year.  When the rain comes in the fall we can dig them out.  We enjoyed the company of two first time-participants, Noni and Maty.

Only one week before the Woodpecker Trail had a ‘still dormant, end of winter’ look and the false lily-of-the-valley and bleeding hearts had not yet emerged. On the day of our outing, hundreds were bursting upward.


Participants:  Carl Halvorson & Leona Murray, Gwen L’Hirondelle & Ed Dubois, Noni & Maty Marquette, Judith Holm

Photo above by Judith Holm: poised for spring, bigleaf maple (Acer macrophyllum).