Welcome to the Howe Sound Conservation Mapping Project

The Coastal Ocean Research Institute (Fiona Beaty) and David Suzuki Foundation (Willem van Riet and Bill Wareham) have been researching reliable known data and mapping Howe Sound/Atl’kitsem’s marine ecology to identify marine conservation needs and opportunities.

This mapping project is designed to be useful to all of us who care about the biodiversity of Howe Sound.  Click on “help” at the top of the maps for a Navigation Guide that explains what’s available and how to use the maps. The project offers opportunities for us to help look after this special area whose biodiversity is threatened by the rapid development up the Sea to Sky Corridor.

Open houses on the project have been held recently in Squamish and on Bowen Island. The last open house in the series is in West Vancouver on Saturday afternoon, March 9. For details and to register.

Photo courtesy of Tim Gage.