Trip Report – Old South & North Dyke Trails loop

Sunday May 29, 2016
Walk Leaders: Judith Holm and Barb Hinde
15 participants

After a very soggy Saturday, 15 participants were relieved to have sunny skies for our Nature Walk in the Squamish Estuary. An exciting aspect to this walk was the fact that so many participants had strong and diverse backgrounds of actively contributing to this Estuary. This led to lively discussions on subjects ranging from history to ecology, with much welcome input and “cross-pollination”.

June 1st is the deadline for submitting comments to the District of Squamish regarding four proposed options for a new downtown truck route. The ‘7th Avenue Connector’ option would traverse the estuary, so this was one topic we covered. Complete the online survey.

Plants are blooming several weeks early this year and many species are already in various stages of setting fruit. A few of the small apples (pomes) on the Pacific Crab Apples are already beginning to show red and Red Elderberries already have red clusters of fruit (drupes).

Trip Report by: Judith Holm
Photos: Vanessa Isnardy

Stay tuned for details on upcoming nature walks planned for the rest of the summer!

We are actively seeking other volunteers that would like to lead a walk around a natural history topic such as herpetology, invertebrates, mammals or birds (among others). If this is an opportunity that interests you, please contact us.