EagleWatch Daily Eagle Count: 2019 – 2020 season

During EagleWatch season, volunteers on duty at Eagle Run dike count and record the number of eagles present. They conduct the count once every hour between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm on days when EagleWatch is present at the dike. From these counts, we select and record the peak hourly count: the highest total number of eagles for any hour in the day.

Visitors have suggested that it would be helpful to have these counts published. We will update this post every day during the current EagleWatch season, showing the most recent count first.

Date AdultsJuvenilesTotal Notes
Jan 49211Last day of EagleWatch for 2019/20. Eagle Count tomorrow. High water courtesy of heavy rains. Eagles feeding in the afternoon after seal observed.
Jan 113316Happy New Year. Lots of wing drying. Seals present and eagles feeding during the morning and early afternoon. River level rising. Activity at the nest E of the dike. Peak number of eagles was late in the day: unusual.
Dec 31707Dark, heavy cloud and rain so it's no surprize we didn't spot any juveniles. Seal reported in the morning.
Dec 3012214Good viewing through the scopes for the many visitors from outside Canada who had come to see the eagles. Thanks to Katelyn for her first day's report.
Dec 2911112Eagles feeding in the am.
Dec 2810111No feeding activity reported.
Dec 276061 juvenile counted for part of the day. Seal observed during the last hour of Eaglewatch.
Dec 269110Off leash dog scared away 2 eagles on the sandbar.
Dec 25617Merry Christmas. 5 juveniles at some counts today.
Dec 2213316Golden eagle in flight. One seal late in the day. Four Great Blue Herons. Activity at nest E of dike.
Dec 2113518Good day for wing drying. Seals.
Dec 15617Kettle of 14 eagles spotted NE of Eagle Run. Activity at the nest east of the dike. Seals.
Dec 14516Some eagles observed feeding. One seal reported.
Dec 811112Sunny day so the eagles seemed to be out surveying the neighbourhood.
Dec 724226
Seal activity in the river for most of the EagleWatch day.
Dec 115217As for Nov 30, most eagle activity seems to be up river from Eagle Run dike.
Nov 3012214Activity spotted at the nest E of the dike.
Nov 24235282 new Great Blue Herons in the area, as well as the familiar pair. Many seals. Activity at the nest W of the dike.
Nov 2319322River level back to normal.
Nov 1711112River level up 3 metres from yesterday. Much debris. Salmon carcasses being washed out to sea.
Nov 1615217Mist made counting a challenge. New eagle's nest spotted downriver near the debris pile.
Nov 10415Kettles with up to 8 eagles over river and Tantalus Range in the morning sun.
Nov 9819Drizzle and mist obscured visibility. EagleWatch Opening Day.

Daily count for 2018 – 2019